Sunday, January 10, 2010

Forgotten treasure

The best thing about packing for a move is that you rediscover little forgotten treasures you had put away for safekeeping. I found this poem my mom had wrote:

The Sun is Always Shining
It's often easy to forget, on dark and cloudy days,
That the sun is always shining though we may not feel its rays

We often think we're limited to what our eyes can see,
Forgetting that there's so much more to our reality.

But through faith we reach a higher plane,
With hope we carry on,
Confident the night will pass
And soon we'll see the dawn

For the sun is always shining
Just above the cloudy haze
And in our hearts we know that soon its warmth will fill our days

You brighten life for many by the thoughtfulness you show,
Your words encourage someone else more often than you know

So now when you might need it most,
May you find returned to you
The warm support of others
Til your days are brighter, too

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