Sunday, January 24, 2010

The end in the beginning

The rooms are for the most part bare, save for the essentials we'll need to get us through the last week in this apartment. It's all making me a bit nostalgic. Five years ago Jonathan and I moved in together. Five long years ago when I still had a mommy and another brother, and JL wasn't even my fiance. What a amazingly bittersweet five years.

Chance says I shouldn't be sad about the empty rooms because it's just leading to the next step in my life. A house. Maybe a family down the road. So while I'm sad to leave, I'm also excited to think what's in store. Just like I was excited to move into this place. The end here is really just the beginning. (And if you're a Bones fan, you'll get the title reference.)

Sidenote: Listening to Florence + The Machine's Cosmic Love. Loving this song!

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