Thursday, January 14, 2010

Legal holdup

My yoga classes that I'm teaching were supposed to begin this week, but it got held up by legal. Seems so unyogi like. Legal and yoga. I finally got the much-needed and very complicated waiver (not!), so classes will begin next week. In the meantime, I'm hosting instructional meetings to tell my new yogis (I have around 50 now) just exactly we'll be doing: whatever I plan and think of. I'll be working from a class plan for now that I've prepared in advanced. (No wonder my sister always complains about lesson plans. They take forever. Good thing I didn't become a school teacher.) Eventually, I'd like to just go with whatever I feel like doing in class. But just like practice takes, um, practice, teaching takes planning and practice. Until then, just going to enjoy this new journey and hope it leads me down a great path of fulfillment.

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