Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All good things must keep going

You thought I was going to say "come to an end," didn't you? Well, let's just throw that phrase in the trash and delete it forever. It's too pessimistic for my taste! Life is rough; we don't need crap like that to hold us back. 

Tomorrow will be my last full day visiting with my sister in Denver. My oldest sister and I road tripped it out here on Monday, and we've been having fun and laughing it up ever since! 

But just because our time together is ending doesn't mean we won't be taking with us all these nuggets of love, fun, and friendship! I'm thankful I could take some time off to enjoy this time with these girls. They are forever inspiring me by their hospitality, love, and keeping it real. We stay connected with my other sisters and a couple of nieces through a group text. We text everyday, all day! So although we're spread across five states, our iPhones are spanning the time and space between us. 

While we've been in Denver we eaten some amazing meals (thanks Andy!) and gone skating (I didn't don any skates; I break out in a sweat and my hands start shaking just thinking about it), shopped at Ikea, drank wine, played a visious game of spoons, gone to the aquarium, eaten a wine popsicle, logged countless miles on my sister's old lady glider, and gone on a walk up to a 6,310 ft. lookout point near my sister's house. Today we're going on a mountain hike--with all three children. I'll keep you posted on how that turns out.

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  1. Looks like a blast. You are so lucky to have eachother!!!