Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bitter pill to swallow

We tried growing lettuce this year. Crazy I know. But it grew. And looked pretty. Then I picked some and ate it in a salad. It made me cringe how bitter it was. I guess I didn't pick it early enough, and the heat caused it to bolt and be bitter. But that's what I love about gardening. You get multiple chances each year for a do-over, learning as you go and growing yourself as you do. If you don't do some sort of gardening, I highly recommend it. It feeds you body and soul. 
Here's Vincent frolicking through my flowers. You can just glimpse my simpson lettuce. This picture is a little old, and probably right when I needed to pick the leaves. 
Garden fresh but bitter lettuce on the left and another garden's cucumbers (they were tasty, thanks Katniss!) on the right. 

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  1. I've never grown lettuce! Love having a garden though! So fulfilling to eat food you have grown yourself!