Friday, July 26, 2013

Love the life you live, live the life you love

Bring on Friday, where all my troubles will melt away. Not really, but a girl can dream {big time}. I'm still wrapping up some freelance writing. I would totally be done by now if two things hadn't have happened: a) I lost power on my computer and didn't save my notes from a story interview, and b) sources would have talked to me sooner. But it's all good! It'll get done come hell or high water.

I'm still searching for a new job. It's a never-ending quest full of boosting my low self esteem and really showing people what I can do. I don't think I interview well. I lose my train of thought a lot {there's a reason I'm a writer, not an orator} and I have a nervous laugh with a quirky sense of humor that most people probably don't get {except for my husband, who I'm thankful for everyday for laughing at my jokes}. The truth is, I probably have way too much experience for the jobs that are out there, and it's put me in an awkward situation where I have practically do a performance to tell them I'll take the pay and the job—despite the fact that I should be making more because I don't make enough, for what I do, to begin with.

Vincent wrapped up his physical and occupational therapy this month. We had stopped doing our private therapy sessions we were paying for back last year after he started walking on the advice from our therapist there that the rest was about to fall in line and he didn't need her to make it happen. We still kept him on with Infant & Toddler services, which is more or less a glorified Parents as Teachers program. In any case, we're happy to have successfully gotten Vincent on track and up to speed. This time last year he couldn't even walk. Now he's a walking, talking, jumping bean. Well, maybe not some much jumping, but he's close. He can count to 15, knows the Clean Up song which he sings when he cleans up his toys without being told, prays before every meal and before bed, says he wants a hug when he really wants to be held. I'm enjoying this age. So much so that I sometimes wonder if we have it in us to do the baby thing again {don't worry, we will}. We were beyond blessed with a difficult baby who transformed into a sweet, smart, and a little too charming boy that only tests the respects of Mom and Dad.

I've started grilling. I'm in love. Makes me want to research cuts of meats and fish, buy those veggie grill baskets, and read my grilling bible.

My house has become more of a home lately. Not because I've decorated it much more than when we moved in 3 years ago, but there's so much I love about the space. Currently my favorite room is my office {that I still need to paint}. It has an odd ball mix of decor, but it's organized, functional, and has a touch of whimsy that I adore.

Last, Baby George? Really? I admit, it's growing on me as a future king's name. I just hope Kate was cool with it. I can't imagine anyone telling me what to name my child, royalty or not.

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