Thursday, July 25, 2013

This is what crazy feels like

This week has been insane! I've been trying to wrap up story interviews for four articles I'm writing as a freelancer {so thankful for the opportunity and to be writing again...for extra money}, studying up for a job interview {with the same company that gave me the freelance gig}, and trying to get my August issue of my day job scooted along {it's not going well; my freelancer somehow missed my email last week asking for edits}. On top of that, Vincent was home sick Tuesday {puking} so I "stayed home" with him and then yesterday Jonathan stayed home with him, but Vincent struggled to understand that Mommy couldn't come play and kept opening my office door and telling me not to close it again. Bossy! Added to that, next week I'm taking the week off to head to Denver to see my sister. I'm uncertain if Vincent will be coming with me. My oldest sister is driving us {I think it's 9 hours there}. I'm not sure my nerves can handle a car ride with a two year old for that long. Plus it would be nice to relax with my sisters who I don't see often enough. This sister needs a break...from this charming face. 

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  1. Come kid free! Ladies time!!!!! Can't wait to see you