Sunday, July 28, 2013


Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day. It usually doesn't take long to put together and I love the flavor.

Right now I'm on a Greek yogurt and fresh fruit kick. There's nothing quite so luscious as creamy thick yogurt paired with slices of juicy fresh peach or tart raspberries. 

I also love hard boiled eggs, hormone free and all that good stuff {they taste way better, believe me}. This week I paired it with a slice of stone ground wheat bread {Nature's Harvest, super yum}, and Rainer cherries. Yum and beautiful at the same time. 

I think good food should be beautiful too. It makes it taste more amazing. Next year I'm hoping we can plant a little garden {carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans--we'll see what else my inner Martha cooks up}. Lately I've not shied away from putting food on Vincent plate I'm certain he won't eat {and more certainly will play with}, but know in time he'll come to recognize, try, and some day love. It's wonderful to see him make those choices already. As long as I leave it to him and don't force him, he generally will try everything.

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