Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our paver patio is done

Break open the bubbly! Do some shots! Put on your flip flops and head over because our patio is done!

We actually need to finish doing the sand to fill in the gaps and maybe leveling a few pavers that settled a little, but nothing a good whack with the mallet can't fix.

If you remember we had one row left to do. But before we could finish it we had to buy one more piece of edger. While the in laws were here on Sunday and could watch Vincent, we quickly plowed ahead and put down the final pavers.
The moment was more anticlimactic than I wanted it to be. Maybe because we needed to hurry and go eat because dinner was ready. I wish we would have reveled a little longer in completing a long, sweaty project that took a year to complete. Instead it was swept away with the next moment. It's a project that marks two wildly different summers for us. 

Last year was bitter hot and Vincent couldn't walk, so entertaining him was impossible without help. This time last year we were certain he was autistic. Jonathan was needing surgery and we had to stop early on in the summer and on the project to tackle that. This summer: The weather has been mild and cooler; Vincent's not only running around the place, he owns it. He's happy; he talking and counting, and asking all sorts of curious questions and making crazy cute statements. Jonathan is all healed and no longer in discomfort. In hindsight, it's amazing we even had the willpower to tackle such a big project last year. I'm proud we did it, but I'm not sure we'll be doing it again. I owe you a final amazing picture. Standby because, to me, summer has only just began!

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