Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'll do that tomorrow

Do you get caught up in that phrase? Boy, I do. I can be a world-class procrastinator. You would think at 31 I would be mature enough not to, but old habits die hard, I suppose.
This week I shipped off this month's issue of the magazine I edit. The July issue. It was supposed to have gone two weeks ago, and I worked hard to meet that deadline (no procrastinating there), but sales needed more time and apparently no one felt comfortable shipping without me while I was on vacation.
My sister visited while her daughter was up the road at a cross country camp. It was a wonderful week. But coming back was hard. Between shipping, trying get some interviews done for some writing assignments I've taken on as a freelancer, and lastly, still trying to get a new job, things are falling off my plate left and right. And procrastination is setting in. 
Do you ever meet those people who tackle every assignment and project with purpose? I wish I was that kind of person. Instead I spend a lot of times spinning my wheels sitting around (OK, sometimes I procrastinate for the sake of a nap, which I never regret) thinking of all the things I want to do and could be doing, but I get so overwhelmed that stress sets in and I go sit on the couch or porch instead. It's a disheartening process that I realize a lot of people go through. It takes a lot courage to follow up on inspiration. How do you head of procrastination and stay accomplished?

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