Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Patio almost done

On Sunday, Jonathan and I jumped out of bed {at 9}, threw on some old clothes, and worked on the patio. We managed to get two rows laid before the threat of rain had us putting everything away. Of course, it didn't rain, but it was just as well. We only have one more row to do before the patio will be finished! Of course, I had to point out that our last piece of edger wasn't long enough. We've made far too many trips to Home Depot to finish this project. I'm hoping Jonathan can knock out the last row on Friday when he's home.
I did manage to plant my mandevillas but decided I needed another one. Walmart didn't carry any of the small versions, but at $13, I was OK buying a larger version. 
I ended up finding a buying two pots at Walmart too. For the record, Home Depot has a very limited selection. Later I found out that Lowes has a very larger and good priced selection. 
But the two rust colored beauties I found I Walmart were exactly the style I was looking for and they I are actually plastic, making them easier to move inside come winter. They were pretty pricey in my opinion {$17} considering Lowes was selling large stone planters for $22. So if you're looking for containers, check Lowes first.

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