Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer means pesto

What are you cooking this summer? We live in an open concept front-to-back ranch {I think that's what it's called, don't quote me}, so although all the light that floods our house colors me happy, cooking in it can become a hot affair. So I've been in search of recipes that don't require the oven and either are made on the stove top, crock pot, or of course grilled {it's hot out there anyways}. Since we're growing a few things this year, namely basil, mint, and tomatoes, I've been making pesto {with stinky cheese}. I love pesto {with my whole heart}, but I've always bought it at the store. I'm learning I can make it just as good and it's so easy and simple. Throw it on a bed of whole wheat pasta and top with some fresh cut tomatoes and pair with grilled fish or chicken, and you're set {and your house stays cool}. Now I just need to work on my wine pairings. Any thoughts?
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