Monday, July 22, 2013

What are your favorite {apps}?

I've had an iPhone for many years now. I love and breathe the Apple, but the app hype has died down tremendously for me. I used to download a new app every week, give it a spin, and then usually delete it if it was a novelty. But over the years, I've amassed a few apps I can't live without.
{Jessaca's Tried and True apps}
1. Cozi
I use this for shopping lists. The great thing about this is that your whole family can belong to the same account and if a change is made, say, adding a bottle of olive oil, the change will be made every where. No emailing or texting an updated list. I also like it because I can delete items as I go. One of the functionalities I haven't explored are categories within a list. I have a feeling this could bring some much needed organization to my list, like all the dairy items listed together.
2. Feedly
This is a new one for me. I was never a Google Reader user, but now I sort of wish I would have been just so I can know why so many lamented its death. Feedly is awesome at letting me know when a blog/website I follow has been updated and provided the content right there. Sometimes you have to click over if the blogger has out in a jump, but if its good enough material, I'm happy to click.
3. Blogger app
Logging into your blog account from computer just to write a post is too much work. {call me lazy} Makes writing drafts quick and simple, and since I take all my pics from my phone {poor neglected DSR}, I can easily add them in. It does lack some design options, like picture alignment and captions, but I'm cool without those {for now. Are you listening Google? Get it together!}
4. Pinterest
It's my eye candy, living in a fantasy world app. I go through phases of looking and pinning, but as a person who hoards old issues of magazines, I love the concept of having a digital system of inspiring pictures as well as finding new recipes and ideas. 
There you have it. Some of my most loved apps. 

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